Our Concept

A practice firm (PF) is a live, global business simulation that is a multidimensional, experiential learning model. It is a simulated business that trainees run as a hands-on way of learning, «learning by doing».

Their being part part of a worldwide network that is deployed on every continent in more than 40 countries around the world is the key difference between this model and the usual business simulation.

Job seekers and students who work in practice firms work using business procedures as they are encountered in the global economic environment. Each practice firm replicates all the commercial activities of a real commercial business: it develops and markets a variety of products or services, and then carries out transactions with thousands of its counterparts spread out around the world. Trade is really taking place, so advertisements, purchase orders, invoices and even checks circulate every day within the international network of training companies. In short, everything is consistent with reality, except the production and delivery of goods, as well as the money used for transactions, which remain fictitious.

The recommended approach of “learning by doing” is called PRIME: learning is Practical, Realistic, Inspiring, Meaningful and Engaging for the participants. The goal is to work at the 5C level: rebuild self-confidence, adjust professional conduct (attitude and behavior), develop competencies / skills, improve communication between people and foster collaboration among workers.

Thus, the trainees develop knowledge of the expectations of both the workplace and the economy, thereby improving their employability and spirit of entrepreneurship.

Practice firms associated to national and international networks form a worldwide virtual economy reproducing the conditions of globalization of markets: international transactions, currency conversion, different time zones, cultural differences taken into account for marketing strategies…

National And International Networks

To create conditions for a global market, practice firms are grouped into national networks. Thus, in Canada, practice firms are members of the Canadian Practice Firms Network (CPFN). In 2015, it is about thirty members that are part of the CPFN and served by its central office.

The CPFN is a member of the worldwide network: EUROPEN-PEN International. This international network includes trainees participating in more than 7,500 training centers, schools, colleges, universities and professional education institutions in over 40 countries around the world. With this trading between borders and cultures, participants gain practical knowledge of both the labor market and the economy, improving their employability and entrepreneurial spirit.

Members Listing

Employment PF

Abrimex (Drummondville)

205, Dorion Street, Drummondville
Canada, Quebec, J2C 1T8
T 819 477-3354   F 819 477-4711

Flowers from Rose Drummond, jerseys and tickets for the Voltigeurs Hockey Team, promotions for the Village d’Antan. Produits du terroir


22 Immeuble Proveqtus,Bacodjicoroni Golf, Bamako
Mali, Bamako,
T +22374316099   F

Office and Recruitment Administrative Services, Computer Accessories, Alarm Systems, Energy Supply, Insurance, Financial Consultancy, Food Processing

Alinov Québec (Trois-Rivières)

1300, Place du Technoparc, bureau 140, Trois-Rivieres
Canada, Quebec, H9H 5K8
T 819 693-0608   F 819 693-0624

Aluminium products.

Arbro (St-Hyacinthe)

600, avenue Sainte-Anne, Saint-Hyacinthe
Canada, Quebec, J2S 5G5
T 450 778-1232   F 450 778-2152

Products for health and comfort, massage chairs, therapy, mattresses

Bioglobe (Rivière-du-Loup)

298, Armand-Thériault blvd, Suite 1H, Riviere-du-Loup
Canada, Quebec, G5R 4C2
T 418 317-0404   F 418 867-3212

Horticultural and peat moss products, massage, gazebo, gardening tools, garden shed

Centre Multi Succès International – CSMI (Longueuil)

201-1319, de Chambly Road, Longueuil
Canada, Quebec, J4J 3X1
T 450 928-0022   F 450 928-9610

1.Avril supermarket Organic Food Stores, Supplements and natural cosmetic. -Grocery -Supplements and Vitamins -Care and Beauty 2.The Grand Bazaar Sports Source -Articles and Sportswear

Charbonex Inter (Rimouski)

320, Saint-Germain East Street, suite 201, Rimouski
Canada, Quebec, G5L 1C2
T 418 723-2427   F 418 723-3802

Charcoal and outdoor fireplaces, Telecommunication products and services, Tourism Packages

Exportech Québec (QUébec)

1530, de l'Entente Boulevard, Quebec
Canada, Quebec, G1S 4S7
T 418 686-0232   F 418 686-5085

sale of activities and tourist packages of the Capitale-Nationale.

Les Promotions MultiPlastik (Les) (Lévis)

5354, Guillaume-Couture Boulevard, Levis
Canada, Quebec, G6V 4Z2
T 418 838-2848   F 418 838-2191

Personalized publicity and advertising plastic products, computer products

Novitek International (Montréal)

1055-101, René-Lévesque East Boulevard, Montreal
Canada, Quebec, H2L4S5
T 514 285-2550   F 514 285-2116

Range of equipment and sports training items of different categories: treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercisers, training balls, dumbbells, exercise mats, toning strips and other sporting goods

O’Bois International (Gatineau)

119, Sacré-Coeur Boulevard, Gatineau
Canada, Quebec, J8X 1C5
T 819 770-2647   F 819 770-3865

Travel packages (Outaouais), outdoors sporting goods, wooden products

Pinart international (Repentigny)

100-577, Notre-Dame Street, Repentigny
Canada, Quebec, J6A 2T6
T 450 654-9095   F 450 654-5978

Articles of tasting for the specialized tea

Plasmont International (Laval)

380-1717, Saint-Martin West Boulevard, Laval
Canada, Quebec, H7S 1N2
T 450 686-7770   F 450 686-2728


Plastigroulx-EPF Collège Lionel-Groulx (Ste-Thérèse)

100, Duquet Street, M-100 Local, Sainte-Therese
Canada, Quebec, J7E 3G6
T 450 971-7868   F 450 971-7854

Plastic products : vertical blinds, molded plastic, containers, motorcycle and snow bikes helmets

Propulsion Carrière (Odyssée Québec Monde)

101-216 Des Oblats West Street, Chicoutimi
Canada, Quebec, G7J 2B1
T 418 698-8882   F 418 698-0489

Outdoors clothing (adults and children), canoe, camping and climbing equipment, snowboards

RSA-ONEKA (Granby)

47, Rrummond Street, Granby
Canada, Quebec, J2G 2S3
T 450 372-0005   F 450 375-1255

Health and Beauty Center (with or without lodging), Sightseeing

Tandem International (St-Joseph de Beauce)

1115, Du Palais Avenue, suite 202, Saint-Joseph de Beauce
Canada, Quebec, G0S2V0
T 418 397-8067   F 418 397-4122

Bikes and accessories

Team Air (St-Joseph de Beauce)

1115 Du Palais Avenue, suite 202, Saint-Joseph de Beauce
Canada, Quebec, G0S2V0
T 418 397-4905   F 418 397-4122

Flight training, aerial banners, flight simulator

Translab (Thetford Mines)

257, rue Notre-Dame Ouest,2e étage Thetford Mines (Québec), Thetford Mines
Canada, Quebec, G6G 1J7
T 418 334-0220   F 418 334-0880

Lubricant products (oil, grease, anti-friction), Transyota car products and accessories, Car insurance, Paintball and Karting, Moving services

Pedagogical PF

Aviso-PPF UQAR Campus Lévis

1595, Alphonse-Desjardins Boulevard, Levis
Canada, Quebec, G6V 0A6
T (418) 833-8800 extension 3375   F 418 838-4682

Consulting in management and accounting

Connexions Express-PPF Cégep Granby

235, Saint-Jacques Steet, Granby
Canada, Quebec, J2G 3N1
T 372-6614   F 450 372-6565

Products and services vary annually for the trade fair

Évolutad-PPF Cégep de Chicoutimi

534, Jacques Cartier East, Chicoutimi
Canada, Quebec, G7H 1Z6
T (450) 549-9520 extention 479   F

Ski packages, outdoor activities and body products

JEM-PPF Collège Montmorency

475, de l'Avenir Boulevard, Laval
Canada, Quebec, H7N5H9
T 450 975 6100 ext. 7141   F

Products and services vary annually for the trade fair

Spiral-PPF Collège Alma

675, Auger West boulevard, P2-639, Alma
Canada, Quebec, G6B 2B7
T 418 668-2387   F 418 668-9904

Tourist Packages / Marketing consultants

Synergie Garneau-PPF Cégep Garneau

1660, boul. de l’Entente, Quebec
Canada, Quebec, G1S 4S3
T (418) 688-8310 poste 2297   F

Furniture, appliances, electronic; logistics services. Football package

Target groups

The participants in practice firms are job seekers (for the employability PFs) or students (in the pedagogical PFs).

By carrying out their duties just as they would in a real business, under the supervision of qualified trainers, they gain concrete professional experience in a real office environment within an international trade context. With an emphasis on career readiness, trainees gain a competitive edge through collaborative leaning and development of skills in business, entrepreneurship, international trading, problem solving, and communication. For students, it also allows the orientation of career choice

A few weeks training in a practice firm is like getting on-the job training, a work experience, and getting professional job search support, all at the same time!


Training in practice firm enables the participants to:

  • Acquire work experience in a context of international trade
  • Update personal and professional skills: in tertiary sector positions (for example: human resources management, accounting, sales, purchasing, marketing…), in the use of both official languages, in the mastery of the latest technological tools and technologies
  • Make a proactive job search

In short, an internship in a practice firm allows participants to become more experienced and better skilled candidates for today’s job market.

As for employers, they have within reach qualified and motivated employees, all for free!