Job Searchers

Becoming a participant is quite simple. Your background needs to meet the minimum requirements of employers in terms of training or experience in the following fields, be unemployed and looking for a job, and be referred by a career counselor at Emploi-Québec. (Note: Different conditions apply in other provinces.):

As they are spending 12 to 15 weeks in the practice firm, 35h a week, internships are the equivalent of a full time job. As these internship are not paid, participants continue to benefit from their employment assistance and EI benefits, and might get some additional financial support. The following services are also offered:

To find the nearest practice firm, please consult the members list.


Colleges and institutions provide, to support educational activities, a simulated business, the pedagogical practice firm (PPF) that is set up and run by students to prepare them for working in a real business. Complement to regular programs, such as Business Administration, Accounting, Office Management, the pedagogical practice firm enables students to gain knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, as well as administration.

The PPF aims, through different activities, to get students to enable the acquisition and integration of knowledge and skills related to management, sales, marketing and marketing a business through simulation of commercial transactions through a global network. Among others, participation in Canadian Practice Firms Fair gives students the opportunity to apply marketing techniques in a second language is English.

Some specific objectives of the pedagogical practice firm are:


Are you an employer looking for experienced candidates available and motivated? The practice firms can help you find hidden gems!

Trainers and permanent staff in the practice firms know personally and professionally, each of the participants as they have supervised them for a number of weeks in a business environment. They can therefore refer candidates that perfectly match your requirements, and all, for free!

Check with the nearest practice firm to know the candidates that will eventually work for you!

For an employer, hiring an employee from a practice firm ensures that he will be in presence of candidates that are motivated to return to work, up-to-date in their fields, and willing to contribute to the success of your business upon hiring. Benefits for employers: