Mission statement

The Canadian Practice Firms Network is dedicated to provide services to Canadian practice firms to ensure their operations, their representation, and their development within the international network of practice firms.



  • Spreading training tools for the improvement of professional skills and for the development of commercial transactions between practice firms, in a context of market globalization.
  • Helping and boosting professional exchanges and communication between the practice firms.
  • Representation of practice firms at the international network and other forums.
  • Promotion of the concept of practice firms.
  • Providing services to all practice firms considering the price/quality ratio.
  • Motivate updating skills and knowledge of trainers in the practice firms.
  • Support practice firms to reach their goals.


job seekers trained each year


The Canadian Practice Firms Network is providing services to its members through a central office so as to support them in managing their operations, but also to promote the consolidation and development of the network and communication between its members. Specific services, mainly related to the management of special projects are provided also:

  • Representation of PFs with: government agencies, EUROPEN-PEN International, other groups within the employability sector.
  • Support: consulting services for operations, developing and monitoring ad hoc committees, keeping statistics.
  • Bank – BEEC: bank statements, wire transfers, currency conversion, bank loans and mortgages, lines of credit…
  • Service Coordination Centre (SCC): Management of commercial transactions, government deductions on payroll, federal and provincial sales taxes, inventory management, utilities …).
  • Post Office: Mail delivery from abroad, supporting the distribution of catalogs in the EUROPEN-PEN International network.
  • Accreditation: Support on standards and audits.
  • Communication between members, between national and international networks, website, monitoring the representation newsletters.
  • Training: workshop, training and support of trainers
  • Event Coordination: Canadian Practice Firms Trade Fair, training conference, Annual General Meeting
  • Development: promoting the concept, supporting the start-up of new PFs.


students benefit from this educational tool


training and employability specialists work with the trainees

Corporate Values

  • Action oriented – focused on getting things done in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Respect for the diversity among the different regions – Each of the regions in which practice firms operate are unique and it is important to recognize and respect their differences.
  • Quality interventions and services – in all activities and services, staff and the Board of RCEE-CPFN provides high quality courteous service to the members.
  • Transparency in all its transactions – the Board of Directors ensures transparency in its activities, so that members are informed, in keeping with the protection of privacy laws.


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