Canadian Practice Firms Network: Welcome!

The first practice firm to emerge outside the European soil was founded in Quebec City in 1995: Artmérik International.

In the months and years that followed, several other practice firms have sprung up across Quebec and Canada, making it necessary to come together in a network.

In 1998, the Canadian Practice Firms Network (CPFN) was founded.

In 2015, there are 30 members: 22 in the employability sector whose clientele is job seekers and 8 pedagogical practice firms in colleges and university, for students.

The CPFN is a member of EUROPEN-PEN International, the worldwide practice enterprises network of 42 member countries.

The CPFN is officially recognized by Emploi-Québec as an employability partner, as signed in the «Protocol of recognition between Emploi-Québec and its employability partners».


Register Trade Fair 2018

The registration period is open for the 20th edition of the Pracrtice Firms Trade Fair, organized by Évolutad (the practice enterprise of the Cégep de Chicoutimi) and Propulsion Carrière (the practice firm in Ville de Saguenay).

The same form is used to register for: 
A) the fair held on November 15 and 16, 2017, at the Convention Center of the Hotel Le Montagnais
B) the case competitions held at the Cégep de Chicoutimi on November 14 2017

You can fill out the online form by clicking on the link: Registration form

Multi PEs Valentine’s Day Promotion

Please check the multi promotions catalogue pour Valentine’s Day that has been distributed throughout the worldwide network of practice enterprises.

20 th Trade Fair of Practice Enterprises 2017 in Ville de Saguenay

The whole Saguenay community welcomes all the Practice Enterprises around the world to visit the Saguenay area and its magnificent Fjord du Saguenay. It will be a first in the RCEE-CPFN history of events: two Practice Enterprises, one for adult learners and one pedagogical, join together to plan and organize the event. Located near the international airport of Bagotville, they hope that many countries will join in. (

The people from Saguenay are proud of their area, their culture, their roots. As the «Little White House» resisted to one of the most devasting floods Canada has suffered in 1996: it has become the symbol of the courage and determination of Saguenay and its people. (

Back to the event: The program shall include a «Business Plan Competition» and the Annual Trade Fair. (The final program shall be announced soon.)

Canadian Practice Firms Trade Fair in the news

Nord Info et Voix des Milles-Iles, October 3,2016 The 19th Canadian Practice Firms Trade Faire to be held in Blainville, October 19 & 20.


Provincial and territorial education and labour market ministers releases the “Toolkit of Promising Practices” designed to promote better alignment between skills and education systems and the needs of the labour market.  See the Communiqué.